GameShock is a universal cheat finder for many games running on Windows. It works by analizing memories used by the game to find specific location where it stores its properties, such as experience points, health level, money, etc. Once you found the location, you can easily modify its content to whatever number you want.

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  • Small memory requirement, so it will works just fine on older computer.
  • Fastest memory searching capability compared to others similar tools.
  • View and edit memory content of a program using Memory Browser.
  • Comparative search, usefull when you don't know the exact value of a number.
  • Easy to roll back and forth from any program to GameShock by using hotkey.
  • Three cheat mode: write, bit set, and bit clear.
  • You can auto freeze a cheat, or activate it only when you press a key.
  • Save and load cheat for future use or for sharing with other people.

System Requirement

 Operationg System:Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
 Processor:no special requirement
 Memory:32 MB or above


Main window of GameShock

In this window you will see available cheats. You can do many things such as activating, deactivating, or changing the cheat.

Find Cheat window

Most of your cheat finding session will be in this window. You can enter the value you're looking for, or create a snapshot if you don't know the exact value.

Memory Browser

This window show memory content of other process in hex-editor-like environment. You can edit the number here, or copy some bytes from one location and paste it to another location.

What's New

GameShock 1.3 (22-Dec-2003)
  - New: you can import data from ArtMoney Table
  - New: option on Find Cheat window for searching value on some range
  - New: documentation and help are now using html help
  - New: added tutorial on how to use GameShock on help system
  - Changed: changing data type would not reset cheat finding session
  - Changed: Signed Integer option was moved to Find Cheat window
  - Changed: simplified user interface on Find Cheat window
  - Changed: snapshot usage was made more transparent and easier
  - Removed: automatic data type is no longer exists (not much of use)
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