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»19 February 2004
MiniSplit 1.3 released. Added suppport for large files. Added template for many storage media.
28 December 2003
Kamus 1.1 released. Kamus is an English-Indonesia dictionary.
22 December 2003
GameShock 1.3 released. Changes: new help system, simplified find cheat interface... (details)
27 October 2003
Marhaban ya Ramadhan. We moslems are now celebrating the month of a thousand months.
11 October 2003
MiniSplit 1.2a released. Bugs fixed: unable to complete file joining on Windows 9x... (details)

GameShock 1.4 (477 KB)

GameShock is a shareware. Which means you can try it before deciding whether to buy it or not. You are welcome to try GameShock for 30 days. After the evaluation period has ended you are encouraged to buy GameShock.

MiniSplit 1.3

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Source code (30 KB)

Kamus 1.1 (1.17 MB)


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